Your Reliable Car Services on the North Shore

We are your independent car service centre, for any maintenance or repair job on your car on the North Shore.

Whatever your vehicle make and model, whether it has a petrol or diesel engine, automatic or manual transmission, bring it into our mechanics. Professionally certified and expertly trained.

Cutting-Edge Tools for High-Quality Work

For our mechanics at High Torque Automotive Services, your peace of mind is our top priority.

Our team have been selected for specialist knowledge of car makes and models from across the world. Combine that with our cutting-edge car diagnostic and maintenance tools, and you can be confident that we’ll only deliver work to the highest standards.

Competitive Prices with Zero Surprises

When you get in touch with the team at High Torque Automotive Services, you can be confident that we will accurately diagnose your vehicle and give you the best quote to get you back on the road.

Our mechanics will always quote competitive and fair pricing, with zero surprises when the bill arrives in your hand. All car services are done right the first time, and only for the service that you asked for — we won’t charge you for anything additional.

A CTA phone.

For the best quote to get you back on the road, get in touch with High Torque Automotive Services on 09 444 3573

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